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Top five things you need to know before getting a Portrait with Shelby

Updated: Dec 25, 2022


Know what your intention is before your session. We will have a complimentary consultation before your session. I helped my very good friend and client discuss her wants and desires after she became cancer free. She wanted to show her beauty and her scars because she is alive and she survived. Her beloved husband was by her side 24/7 during her experience. The photographs we took near Santa Cruz, California were stunning. She is so happy with the experience and the results. She said I was the only one she trusted doing this type of session with her.

Create maybe three outfits. Put them on in the mirror including jewelry and make-up. Take a selfie. When you tell yourself, PERFECT OUTFIT! Then you are ready!

Make sure you are hydrated and well fed before your session with me. Brings snacks and a brush for your hair. Your portrait session with me is energizing and we will have a lot of fun.

During the Fall season, clients tend to wear browns and earth colors. When it is summer, Clients tend to wear yellow, pinks and purple. Each client has a certain skin tone that works best for them. Discover your best colors for the session.

Know your end result. A large family 40 x 40 Giclees art portrait over your couch, with lighting to boot, is what you have wanted for years. When you walk in after a long day this portrait will warm your heart for your lifetime.

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